10 most amazing inventions of 2015, Who Changed Our World

2015 turned out to be extremely rich in a variety of discoveries and inventions. What we were not pleased us scientists! Literally in every sphere of life during the year we introduced an incredible innovation. Many of them carried out a real revolution in the industry.

Very pleased that the inventors are not fixated on global issues. 2015 has pleased us whole bulk of pleasant things that can become indispensable in everyday life.

Among this diversity very difficult to choose the best invention. We decided to focus your attention on the ten innovations that have caused the greatest public interest.

1. Safe truck

Korean engineers have developed an interesting technology, which should reduce the number of accidents on the roads. They came up with a safety truck, semi-trailer is equipped with a large screen. On the monitor, in real-time shows what happens to the truck. Now the drivers of cars that go behind the truck will be able to look "through a truck." This should keep them from reckless overtaking.

2. Condom test for infection

Specialists from the London Academy of Isaac Newton developed a special condom that can do ekpress test for the presence of the main partner of sexually transmitted diseases. Depending on the detected infection condom changes color. Green means chlamydia, yellow - herpes, purple - papilloma, and blue - syphilis.

3. An innovative method of treating Alzheimer's disease

During 2015 medicine has made great strides not only in the detection of infection, but also in the treatment of many diseases. Australian scientists have made a breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Moreover, this method is not based on the use of drugs. The patient is administered into blood microscopic gas bubbles which under the influence of ultrasonic radiation absorbing amyloid plaques in the brain. Thus, in patients recovering significantly improved memory and brain activity.

4. Floating vegetable farm

Scientists are concerned not only about the health of the people, but also their power. As the world's population is growing rapidly, there is a concern that food at all may not be enough. On the ground simply do not have such a number of arable soil! Therefore, scientists have developed a draft floating farms, which in the future can compete with traditional agriculture.

5. Floating system for cleaning debris from the ocean

On the ecology and nobody forgets. The waters of the world ocean is incredibly polluted by plastic. Therefore, a team of scientists led by Bojan SELT has developed a special floating complex, which should relieve the ocean waters from debris. This concept has already been approved and put into production. The following year, the unit will be put into operation near the island of Tsushima.

6. Headset without headphones

Not deprived of attention and household stuff. The production started a unique headset, the sound is transmitted through bone conduction effect. This is not a hoop traditional headphones. Sound is transmitted directly into the inner ear.

7. Flexible displays

South Korean experts surprise the audience ultrathin monitors, which can be freely bent.

8. Suitcase transformer with Stand for notebook

For those who like to travel released innovative model suitcase. It can be folded to the size of a conventional document folders, so almost no space in the apartment. But in the stowed position miracle suitcase boasts not only a great capacity, but also has some useful "chips". For example, retractable stand for the laptop and charging him.

9. Hypersonic aircraft project

Also in the near future it will be possible to travel much faster. The world-renowned manufacturer Airbus has patented the concept hyperreactive aircraft, which can cover the distance from London to New York in just one hour.

10. Jetpack

If hypersonic aircraft - a project tomorrow, the jetpack has already been successfully tested. Thanks to this invention can soar above the world like a superhero.


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