China will become the largest market for electric vehicles at the end of 2015, ahead of the US

In 2015, around the world will be sold 600 thousand electric cars, of which China will have up to 250 thousand. The Chinese market will overtake the US, where the forecast sales of 180 thousand electric cars. The deputy head of the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers Xu Yanhua said that China has achieved good growth in the production and sales of this type of transport, and that the "quality, not quantity should be the priority for the sustainable development of the sector».

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About sales forecast of 250 thousand electric cars news agency "Xinhua" referring to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. Manufacturing developed the past two years thanks to the support and subsidies from the state. For the first nine months of 2015, China sold 171,145 electric cars, which is almost three times more than the same period of 2014, he writes «Kommersant» .

Sales of cars (of all types) in the country increased by 11, 3% in October 2015 after the government of China halved the purchase tax on cars. Growth in sales of electric vehicles compared to 2014 year amounted to 290%.

In Russia electric cars are not in high demand : from January to October of this year Russia registered 89 new electric vehicles EVs against 152 for the same period of 2014 of the year.



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