Universe as an analogue of the human brain.

Known scientific assumption that the structure of the universe resembles a system of neurons in the brain, is the place to be.

Internet circled photos, which very clearly shows how amazingly countless microscopic model of a network of neurons is similar to the macroscopic model of the universe. Matter of different galaxies in it interact, developing and proliferating.

[Yet there is one important similarity between brain cells, and black holes - and they both create electromagnetic radiation. The researchers are convinced that the macrocosm with precision displayed in a biological cell as a microcosm, so the complex structure of the universe is compared to the cell. They believe that this resemblance is not accidental.]

Scientists believe that any network, from the system of the brain and ending with the grand universe evolve on one fundamental natural laws. These guesses they prompted the same patterns in the constant growth of networks.

• The objective reality.

But whether in this case, our infinite universe to be one of the cells of a living organism giant? Back to school physics lesson and remember that a cell is composed of molecules, the molecules - made up of atoms, and atoms - from the nucleus and orbiting electrons.

If we compare with the universe - it turns out that the electrons - the same planet, the core - is the Sun and the solar system - the atom. And if you look deeper, it turns out that the galaxy - a molecule, and the universe - a cell.

If you look even further, that, in fact, the universe, as well as cell - countless, they do not have the number. All of them are at a certain time, a period there, then certainly be destroyed. This is confirmed by the ancient Vedic scriptures and agree that it is very similar to the life of the cell, which is also created, lives and dies.

As a cage is considered to be alive, because the mind is controlled, and the universe - a living, because it instilled beings. Even in the last century, one of the scientists studying living cells, and marveled its complex structure, said that she could not be created without the intervention of reason.

[This scientist once believed in God, therefore, as no one else but the Lord, as a precaution, "beat" the lives of ordinary cells from start to finish - cells, which in itself is the beginning for the creation of a living organism. Theory - "that big - it - and small" - is fully confirmed.]

• Interesting facts about the brain.

We prove that a neuron and a separate section of the universe have the same unit of the vibration frequency, although to varying degrees because of the difference of structures and sizes. From this, their work can easily be compared to the music, the sound of which - it increases, then decreases. And if a person properly adjusts his thinking, the universe for him - like a tuning fork.

If the connection of the human brain, and there is space, then this knowledge can be used for the expansion of consciousness. Development of the brain - it's the whole story of creation, in which the inside of the skull place "wonderful event" in order to make people who they are. The baby is born with a myriad of neurons and the brain produces trillions of connections.

Brain cells generate an electrical signal and stimulate other neurons. They, in turn, come to the excited state, and reproducing their signals, which run to other neurons to form a network that performs a single brain function. Is not it grand spectacle, if we imagine all this in a larger size!

However, neighboring neurons in the brain is better not to bind to each other, as to nerve cells, reminiscent of nodules. In the same way, when the universe was expanding in space and time, the number of links between elements of matter in the galaxies increases. Comparing these processes, it can be seen that the natural dynamics of their growth is identical.

• Holographic similarities.

The 20th century was the century of significant discoveries and experiments. A group of French scientists has discovered that the elementary particles such as electrons are able to miraculously instantly communicate with each other, no matter what the distance between them. Each particle miraculously exactly "know" what the other is doing.

On the basis of these data, one of London scientists "light" suggested that the universe - a giant hologram. The principle of the hologram, which says - "whole in every part" convinced the researchers that the electrons interact at any distance, not because that is exchanged between the mysterious signal, but because their separateness - apparent. If you look to some other level of reality, these particles - not the individual, but rather a continuation of something global.

Scientists believe that there are hidden from us the level of a higher dimension of reality. And separate particles we see because we see only a small part of reality. The particles themselves - the brink of a deep unity. And if all contained in a small part, then the universe - it is a projection and hologram. This means that any object in the world on a deep level is infinitely interconnected and all the natural phenomena and nature itself - is Tripless web.

One of neurophysiologists firmly engaged in the study of the brain, also believes in the theory of holographic world. This conclusion he came, puzzling over a mystery, what area of ​​the brain responsible for memory. His numerous studies have shown that information is dispersed evenly throughout the brain. It was found that the memory is not in a group of neurons, and in the ranks of the nerve impulse, flashing around the brain, just like a small piece of the hologram shows the whole picture completely.

The question then arises:

If the universe and the brain - a hologram, then - what is the real objective reality? It has learned to be seen, but for now they are calmed by the fact that the theory of holograms the brain and the universe explains many of the Paranormal and psychophysical phenomena, such as, for example, telepathy.


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