Mom rescued the child with his life. After reading her last SMS Rescuers burst into tears

Love the child gives her incredible strength. But at critical moments in the life of my mother commit truly heroic deeds. Next poignant story proves once again that for the sake of children's mothers are willing to do the impossible.

Rescuers is not the first time assorted debris struck the house, hoping to find someone there. After a while they came upon the lifeless body of the woman. Unfortunately, it has not filed any signs of life since the fall of the building damaged her head and back. The woman was in a position similar to prayer, and something embraced hands.

Then rescuers continued their work, trying to find a nearby survivors. And one of them felt something, returned to the lost and stuck his hand under her body. The amazement of everyone present knew no bounds ...

It turned out that the woman covers her body baby, who survived. Her baby was carefully wrapped in a colorful blanket. The child immediately call a doctor. When the doctor opened the blanket to examine the child, he noticed a cell phone, which was on the screen was typed message: "If you survive, you should know that I love you».

My mother saved her child at the cost of his own life, shielding him from the crumbling debris. The team slowly passed the phone from hand to hand, and everyone who has read the message wept.



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