Historic Photos Eye, expressing different emotions

Eyes - mirror of the soul, and if up to this point, this expression sounded just like the saying, but in this article we will prove that it's true. The eyes can tell a lot about a person, not only the color and shape, and in a greater degree of expression. Man can understand everything in the eyes, because the eyes never lie. With just one glance you can understand how a person relates to you. In the golden collection of historic photos, we'll show you the different eyes of people who express completely different emotions, from joy to insanity.


A boy named Harold, first hears the sound through the hearing aid


The stampede during a match in England in 1986 killed 96 people and another 766 were injured


Sophia Loren looks enviously at Jane Mansfield at the party «20th Century Fo», arranged in honor of Sophia Loren, 12 April 1957


Goebbels smiled photographer until he learned that his name was Eyzenshtedt and that he was a Jew. This moment captured in a photograph Eyzenshtedt


Soviet soldier leading a German prisoner after the battle of Stalingrad


After World War II, the French women who came together with German soldiers are not executed, and shaved bald on and humiliated


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