What is the rush hour in different countries

"Rush Hour" - is to hear this phrase as there are pictures before his eyes, in which a huge crowd of people and vehicles. And somewhere in a hurry: someone runs for dinner, someone is late for a business meeting, and someone is happy is not to hurry home. But no matter what country you live, there comes a time in each city.

Website has collected photographs, which show the different cities of the world in the hottest hours.

Beijing, China h3>

Dhaka, Bangladesh h3>

Venice, Italy h3>

Chhattisgarh, India h3>

Tokyo, Japan. Trombovschiki at work h3>

Siem Reap, Cambodia h3>

London, UK h3>

Moscow, Russia h3>

Sao Paulo, Brazil h3>

Taxi Park in Kampala, Uganda h3>

Palermo, Italy h3>

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