5 Secrets of hotels, which is being hidden

Visitors to the site Quora, where any question can be answered professional, once asked: "What we do not know about hotel rooms, but ought to know?" They said representative of the company to develop the hotel business Beechmont Hotels Corporation. The site publishes it shocking revelation.

1. Do not use the stand for a suitcase h3> Remember two things: 1) bugs love tree; 2) do not apply to bugs messy-people and luggage has been in a "bug-infested┬╗.

Tip: safely use metal stand - they do not attract bugs. Or unpack the suitcase on the tiled bathroom floor (of course, making sure it was clean). And then do not forget to fasten the bag.

2. Avoid blankets, bedspreads and rugs h3> The idea is that anything that comes into contact with bare skin of a large number of people to be sent to the laundry room every preparation for a new occupation. But many cheap hotels in this rule is ignored. However, stardom and high price tag, too, does not guarantee absolute cleanliness.

Tip: The veil immediately drop away, and harboring a warm blanket so that it does not touch the skin.

As for warm blankets and rugs, in many hotels they clean only when the spots are already visible, so it is always on top of the sheets covering them.

3. Never use a small towel in cheap hotels h3> Generally speaking, the so-called "hand towels" better not to touch in all hotels, except where they wash and disinfect the most diligent (but to learn about it only from "their man "among the staff).

You know how they used most often consist of male or couples in love? Guess by where small towels are at cleaning the rooms on the floor next to the bed, about halfway ...

Tip: but thick towel small is not only possible but also necessary to use - only as a mat, where you will become when you exit out of the shower. Do not rub them!

4. Do not trust the peephole h3> Starting with 4-star hotels and above the doors of rooms often have eye - only here you have to wonder if not built in a hidden camera? Do not dismiss: it happens and, perhaps more often than you think.

If you notice any damage or traces of any manipulation of the eye - boldly ask for another number.

But even if everything is in order better to protect themselves from such "spy" devices - holes, combined with the camera. It's enough to plug the hole roll of paper (of course, so that it could then pull). Indulge in paranoia is not necessary, but caution can not hurt, given that the Internet is poured a lot of hospitality "nudity┬╗.

Tip: If the number of knock in the eye one can not see, do not rush to open. Call the reception: they need to know if you was one of the indentured servants. Also, do not hesitate to contact managers, if you notice a man in the hallway, loiter. Believe me, it should not be there, and if it did not immediately drove off, the next time better to choose another hotel.

5. During the meal, do not touch the TV remote h3> The remote switch, bedside lamps and a handset - the dirtiest things in any room, even in the luxurious presidential suite. They do not at all desire cleaned, because cleaning is given a strictly limited period of time - an average of 20-30 minutes.

So anything yourself carefully wipe the console and other disinfectant wipes, or wrap in a bag like in the 90s.

And finally,

In general, you have understood that any hotel - not a place for Neat. The only thing we can be sure - it's linens, everything else can be called pure with only a stretch.

For example, glasses and other utensils - Did you know that during the harvesting simply wash under the tap in the sink? And the coffee - you are sure it is thorough cleaned after the previous guests that God knows what we could do with it?

Finally, it is important to understand that the larger the number of stars - not a guarantee of better service. Nowadays, more importantly Guest Rating, so browse through reviews potschatelnee, choosing a hotel.

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