Nissan played in cars

The agency TBWA Toronto removed the camera remote control toy commercial for Nissan Sentra SE-R.Kanadskie creators have decided to recall childhood and add advertising fan, removing in the video is not an ordinary car, and a copy of her toy. For this recreated reduced tenfold model Nissan Sentra SE-R and the remote control to run it on the deserted streets of the city.

The shooting clip, filmed according to the laws of the genre automotive advertising, was also attended by a miniature helicopter and one toy car, which had been fixed video camera. Shooting camera standard size would not allow to achieve such an effect of realism.

Simultaneously with the roller under the name «Drift» / «Drift" on YouTube Nissan Canada posted the least interesting video of how it was created. During the three days since the publication of video got almost 100,000 views and Making off video is not much less.


Making of

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