Paintings from the shadows

The artist Rashad Alakbarov of Azerbaijan creates incredible pictures using the play of light and teni.Kazalos would be nothing new in art is no longer possible to come up with, and even more can not be surprised, but the master of chiaroscuro is possible not just to surprise and amaze the audience.

"Fly to Baku". January 29th, 2011 in the gallery De Pury Gallery (London) was first introduced to this picture. She created a furor and became an artist 'ticket' to the world of art.

Each picture Rashad Alakbarova has its own history, taken separately describing the event of his life.

According to critics, used in the works of Rashad trash like nothing else it underscores the tragedy and emotion told them the story, in which a lot of joy, pain, sorrow, happiness and loneliness.


How it all was created:

Today, few who dare to work with light and shadow, as the main instrument in such works is not the brush with paint and imagination, which deprived the majority of contemporary artists. That is why Rashad Alakbarova can safely be ranked as of a small galaxy of artists who manage to create a finished product with the help of the shadows cast by the composition of objects.

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