Here's the loneliness that - freedom

Shy and reclusive Kyle Thompson took a camera, a tripod and a timer, and went away from prying eyes - in the deserted woods and abandoned places. There, where he could give free rein to imagination and to experiment freely with the subjects. As other models of Kyle was not, then he shot himself mostly. So there was a series of surreal and mysterious self-portraits.

What began as a hobby so absorbed guy, now he can not imagine his life without photography and surreal dream to become a professional fashion photographer, and to cooperate with galleries. For this work he threw a pizza deliverer. And rightly so, says

The remains of the crashed plane Kyle found an abandoned cornfield. A pair of smoke bombs and atmospheric frame ready.

Kyle Thompson lives in Chicago, takes on the Canon 60D, the lens 50 mm / 1, 8.

For this shot Kyle climbed on one of the mountains of Bolivia.

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