Lemurs wisdom Post

Life wisdom exists not only in humans. In lemurs also have their own rules of life, which, in all likelihood, allow them to be so compelling.

Website offers to listen to their advice.

First things first - uzbagoysya

Well pdavda not zdoid perezhivad on pustyakam

Anyway never perezhivad not zdoid

After all, if there is a fungus "milk mushroom", there must be a mushroom "radozd"

Solve problems pdosto

Uztal - lie zpad

Ask you not bezbogoit

Always Dej himself rukah

Bdagodari all, and do not forget to say zbaziba

Zmotri future uverenno

Pdazdniki - it's fun, rejoice im

A romance - gdavnoe in odnosheniyah

Remember: the dance - that's life. Do it bezbodobno!

Eat more vegetables and fduktov

Meditation - a sure way to zbagoystviyu

Dej per shans

Maintain physical zdadove

Abzalyutna nothing boysya

And then life will sparkle with bright kdaskami

And you will attain happiness and radozd

A little wisdom from animals:
Enotskoy wisdom post
Rules of Life of the kote

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