50 phrases that you need to talk to children

They instill in them faith and your lyubov.Sluchaetsya that, but "done well", say to your child, and nothing more than to express their support and faith in him. And it is necessary! After all, these words give it a feel that you love him, understand and accept.

Child and family psychologist Catherine Kees made a list of phrases that you can use when communicating with your child. Website publish words that will help him feel your concern for him.

Show faith in the child
«I trust». «I believe in you». «I respect your decision». "It is not easy, but you must come out». «You're right do». «You all understand it correctly». «Like You got it? » « Teach me how you get ». « You do it better than I do ». « You it turns out better than me ».

Pay attention to the efforts and the efforts of
«I see you a lot of work put into it». «I can see how much you tried». « You're so bothered about it, and that's how cool happened! » « It turns out really great! » « I can imagine how much time it took! » "I can imagine how long have you been trying to get it!» «How many had come up to this happened!» «Your works have led to a good result!"

Thank for the time spent together
«I really appreciate the time that you and I spend together». «I look forward to when we will be able to play again tomorrow». Li > «With you is very interesting». «I really liked the way we played». «I'm glad you're home». "With you is very interesting and nice to play».

Help him to assess their results
«What do you yourself think about it?» «I can imagine how you yourself nice!» «What are you here for the largest like most? » « What do you yourself think? » « And what you yourself think about it? » « And what you yourself think? » « And you yourself as we would like? »

Grateful for the help and contribution of
«Thank you to you for what you are ... (for the specific case)». «Thank you for what you did». < «Thank you very much for your help». «Thank you for your understanding». «This is a very big help for me, thank you». « I like you as well helps! » « Thanks to you, I finished faster ». « Thanks to you, we are now so clean ».

Describe what you see
«Wow! The room is clean! » « Wow! Bed unmade! » « What are the bright colors you use! » « I see that you really tried! » « I see that you yourself cleared the table! »

Describe what you feel
«I really like to do and play with you». «I'm so happy when you're at home». «I feel that we are with you as a team ». « I am very pleased that you say ». « I am so happy that you have a ». < «I am very pleased that you are helping me».

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