It seems that this bridge simply disappears under water. But in fact it's much more interesting ...

In a world of so many striking architectural projects that periodically ask how people could think of to all of this? Today we want to tell about one more amazing creations of the human mind. It's about the ├śresund Bridge, which connects the capital of Denmark Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmo.

This amazing creation. The fact that one bridge portion just disappears under water. Imagine that you go to your car on the bridge, and suddenly you have to go down under the water. In fact, there is nothing to worry, you're just entering the tunnel, but the scale of this building is really amazing ...

The bridge opened July 1, 2000.

The project belongs to the Dane Georg company commander.

The bridge is 8 km away, then another 4 km tunnel stretches in which the bridge passes.

To bridge could "turn" in the tunnel had to create an artificial island.

The material for the creation of the island was raised from the bottom of the sea.

Most of the concrete tunnel built on land and moved to the place of construction.

This is a miracle of modern architecture!

Personally, I think it's incredibly cool idea. Bridge, who "dives" into the water. If you also like the project, share pictures with their friends and acquaintances, even on building know as many as possible!



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