Why do people who speak several languages, smarter others


If you are going to devote time to the study of English, French or Chinese - you have no idea how powerful positive impact it will have on your mind. This experience is able to completely change you.

A growing number of studies suggest that people who speak more than one language, have a more flexible and advanced thinking. They're smarter approach to solving problems in creative and better able to control their feelings and emotions.

When we can easily talk with foreigners in their native language, we are different, as it is peculiar to them, can perceive the world. We opened the importance and value of different points of view. We suddenly begin to see things that are not available to others. Language - is the whole world, another universe with its own rules, at times, with its colors and perception.

People who speak more than one language, the uptake is much faster and more often find the right solutions. The New York Times talks about several studies conducted with people of all ages - and they are all about how much learning a new language improves brain activity.

A study from the US National Academy of Sciences, talks about the success of cognitive 7-month-old infant, which the parents speak different languages. Children who grow up in families with parents from different countries develop faster, learn better and perfectly adapted to the new circumstances.

Another study, which was attended by over 40 senior bilingual people, showed that knowledge of two languages, and more significantly slows the aging of the brain and protects against dementia and Alzheimer's.

Scientists explain the phenomenon as follows: the brain - is a muscle, and the study of foreign language and its use in periodic home - an excellent exercise for him.

The more you learn, the more flexible your brain and the longer it retains its clarity.

If you know how to think in two languages, it allows you to "look out of the box" habitual vospriyatiya.Hotya it is clear on this subject too, conducted the study. If you master a foreign language, it will inevitably become a creative person. Psychology Today says that knowledge of a second language will help easier and faster to find the solution of complex intellectual tasks and more to be creative in the work.

Medical Daily talks about the results of the study, which was attended by 120 students: bilinguals are better at tasks in morphology, syntax, and a creative essay.

We found that bilinguals have obvious advantages. They are better speak and write in their native language. It is better to solve problems in arithmetic. Effectively solve the problems of everyday life and are able to think creatively. They are not only better vocabulary they understand the meaning of words, and not just know them. This allows them to see and feel the world on a deeper intuitive level.

blockquote> Dr. Fraser Lochlan, lead author of the study.

If children speak several languages ​​from an early age, they better understand the various ideas and concepts do best to think globally. Knowing two languages ​​- it's like having two "creative" in the brain department. One of them is not used by most people.

Author Chris Riotta Elite Daily says that , em> in the United States grew at an English-speaking family, childhood and knows more Spanish, because his father - an emigrant from Argentina. This allowed him a child understand different cultures and communities, to better understand themselves and discover their creative abilities.

I can better than most other people express themselves.

blockquote> Chris Riotta.

Possession of two languages ​​will allow you to better understand the people and what is happening in their serdtse.Bilingvy - the best communicators. Susan Ervin-Tripp of the University of California (Department of Psychology) for many years studying how knowledge of several languages ​​and affects a person's behavior. Here's what she says:

When we are in situations that require us to communicate in a foreign language, then we really have to keep changing the values ​​and feelings. Some bilingual even say that they have just two persons, between which they can be "switched" when pondering.

blockquote> And she was right.

We do not know whether it is possible, if you learn another language, to live two lives at once, but the experience will definitely allow you to better understand people different from yourself. Empathize with them.

The choice of language can even be used as a tool that can change our attitude to morality, our beliefs and even our hobbies.

And the knowledge of several languages ​​helps us to better understand ourselves. Of course, in the end it makes us more liberated and confident.

Anyone bilingual knows the importance and value of this skill. Become one of them!

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

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