12 ways to simplify your life

Everything is very much loved prostoMy complicate things. We do this even where this is not necessary. Of course, as a result of problems with which we are forced to fight. Is it possible to make life a little easier? Can. To do this, just follow the simple tips listed below.

1. Choose pravduGovorite directly. True - it is much easier than to lie to yourself, live in illusions and constantly afraid of exposure.

2. PrinimayteOtritsanie - it's hard. We often deny who we are denying the choices we made, we deny what we want, deny the reality as it is. But imagine a world where everyone takes everything he did, I said or thought. Is not it amazing?

Start by making yourself as you are, with all their good and bad traits, past mistakes, dreams and plans. When this is all right, you can easily change.

3. Speak mensheMy talk too much, and often do not say anything significant. At the same time we do not listen to others, so that others do not listen to us. That is why it is so difficult to communicate in those days. So why from that moment I did not start to talk less and listen to more?

4. Drop opravdaniyaMy justified so much every day. We find excellent reasons not to do something, even if we really want this, we do not attempt to try something new, do not meet new people, do not change. Live well - hard. Instead, open the simplicity, and just do what you want. Easier to nowhere!

5. Dress prostoUstranenie some accessories can make life easier. In addition, we have a lot of clothes we do not wear over the years, and there are clothes that we do no longer going to wear. So get rid of all this.

6. Create tishinuOstavte yourself a little silence. Have a rest from time to time. Around us so much noise that we sometimes can not even hear your own thoughts.

7. Walk bolsheProgulka - simple and free way to boost your mood, clear your head, spend calories and take a break from driving if you keep driving.

8. KontsentriruytesMy productive, not when we have a lot of problems that occupy all our time, but when we concentrate on any single activity and eliminate everything else.

9. Eat prostoRaznoobrazie the kitchen - also an illusion. Today we have available are too many kinds of food. We use too many spices, we eat too much fat, think that a dessert - a must eat many times a day, and so on. Stop doing all this.

Eat the most basic: fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, dairy products, nuts, olive oil, rice, potatoes and beans.

10. Stop trying kontrolirovatBolshinstvo all the things you can not control, even in his own life. Understanding this will make everything much simpler and easier. We constantly worry about things that I can not control, fear what they will, and try to correct them. But the truth is that it is not necessary to correct them. Everything will be great. Just go with the flow, do the best that they can, and everything else itself will fall into place.

11. Place poryadokVybroste home things that do not use. Get rid of things that just take up space. Once you do this, you will have less property, which should take care that needs to be cleaned and repaired. And you will feel more at ease.

12. Buy mensheChem more you buy, the more you have, the more you spend the money for it, and the less get satisfaction from that.

So next time you think about buying another, do not rush, and ask yourself if you really need it, and whether you use it in a few weeks from the date of purchase.

This is - just a few ways to simplify your life. All of them consist of the elimination of anything from the failures of some actions of the things that need to get rid of that you need to put on their course and so on. It's easy. And the benefits of this invaluable - peace, space, freedom, satisfaction, awareness, happiness.

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