Regardless of the scope, wealth is built on four major laws

Those who want to become rich just millioneromStat. It is not easy, but simple. We all like to get more money, but if your long-term prize - financial independence, there are no rules. There are only four basic factors.

This does not mean that getting rich - equally easy for everyone. Some people have more opportunities to climb, while others are starting from the bottom. But there are four important factors that are on the way to wealth is to take into account each person, no matter where he starts his way to the top.

1. Spending mensheDavayte start with the simplest things over which you have the most control: our costs. Most people can spend less, but we often do not understand. All the tourists who travel to other countries, I know back shocked at how well we live in America. Most of us about life in other countries do not have the slightest idea. Even if we feel that we have a little money, our life - it is a luxury compared to the lives of billions of people around the world.

Most of our costs associated with social pressure, a successful advertising or just depends on our conviction that "we can not afford it».

If there is a common topic of conversation of people who have succeeded financially, it is the fact that they spent less than earned. Look at your expenses and decide - you are a big spender or a miser.

Regardless of how you're going to be rich, if you spend more than you earn, you will never be rich. Take a conscious decision to spend less than you do now - a key step toward the long-term financial independence.

2. Making bolsheKonechno, there are even more obvious way to produce wealth, although it is much more difficult: to make more money. Everyone has the opportunity to earn more, but it is not always easy and not always under control to the same extent as the costs.

Here are a few examples of how to start earning more.

Ask for a raise. You have to understand - if you do not ask for gain, and you will not get it. Four or five years ago it might have been difficult to ask for a raise, but today, your chances are much improved.

Time work. If you do something for your company, it does not mean that you can not pay attention to other companies that would be happy to hire you to do something on the weekend or in the evening.

Sell. That is, the sale of cars, bikes, houses, refrigerators and other products, as well as repair them in his spare time can bring you extra money. It may even lead to the next opportunity ...

Start a business. Most companies have been created after a few hours in someone's garage or basement. These are good places to start. eBay and other shopping sites offer you a low-cost entry point where you can start selling things that are no longer needed or that you made yourself.

Education. If you do something great dock - it is likely that many people will want to learn and you will pay for this knowledge. Colleges and your local university, probably carried out in the evening a variety of educational courses for adults, which require teachers.

It's just a few options, but you get the idea: to earn more - is the easiest way on the path to riches. Just do not confuse simplicity with ease. But as they say, there is a will, there is a method.

3. Redeem kreditKredit like fire: you can extract from it a lot of good, but it can give you, and a lot of troubles. Most people do not think about the dangers of credit, as well as the ten million people who lost their homes during the Great Depression.

For example, if you put $ 500 a month, you could buy a car for the price of 30 000 dollars cash in five years. But you can buy this car today on credit, and pay a little more than 500 dollars a month. The main difference is the date when you receive the car. In other words, the loan - nothing more than impatience, expressed in dollars.

There are two problems. You end up losing money and interest that you would get from your monthly savings. Of course, the latter is not so much to the modern economy, but the principle remains the same: the impatience costs money and undermines our welfare. Secondly, when the contact happens something bad: for example, dismissal, health problems, family problems, or we become a victim of the disaster - we can just cut costs where you can only afford it. But we can not do it with credit. The bank insists on paying the loan in full each month. Bankruptcy is only one reason: the debt. You can not go out of business without debt.

In Alaska, among the pilots have a saying: there are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old and bold pilots. Simply put, borrowing money, you take certain risks. There is no greater financial risk than a loan. Donald Trump (Donald Trump) to use the loan to build his empire, but it was virtually destroyed when the crisis came. Being on the brink of survival, he decided to stay out of debt. Lesson: Stay away from new debt, and if you already have debts, it's time to pay for them.

4. InvestitsiiVy you receive income from what you are doing (job or business), or on your property. In retirement, you will be able to live exclusively by the fact than own, that is, your retirement savings. If you were not born rich, the only way to have enough money to stay with the onset of retirement age - somewhere to put their money, and the sooner you start, the better. What you need to invest in their old age, understand everything, but you need to start investing now.

All this most people know, but few understand the priority of these factors above all else. Not all of them are easy, but there is no other way to achieve wealth and gain financial freedom.



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