Learn to talk like a real St. Petersburg:

1. Answering the call, say "Hello", "Yes" and "What the ...!" Has become obsolete. There is another right word: "Hearken!". If the neologism fright forgotten, can be replaced with the phrase "Who do I need?", Uttered with the Moscow Art Theatre drama.

2. unwanted issues requiring immediate response. such as "You ...?!", there is a remarkable phrase: "You, sir, what sorrow?».

3. A number of idiomatic expressions like "your ..." and "Well, no," which itself "you bought yourself" is replaced by the phrase: "It is painful to hear," uttered with the Shakespeare tragedy.

4. In the course of a scientific dispute, the argument 'I will now roll up the asphalt! "Correctly replaced by the phrase:" My dear, do not bother looking for profanities ».

5. We often ask friends and family, "Vasya, drove the boar for bread." This is wrong ... you need to ask a favor like this: "Man, it shall not be unto thee ..." and hereinafter.

6. If, after a number of arguments, you must back up its position strong language, there are several options:
- "Well, you're stinking ugly" should be pronounced like - "Oh, and did you roguish, rascal!»;
- "Baran, for the market to answer ?!" - "I'm out of reach for your daring arguments and deductions»;
- "Brake rare you" - "Yes, you're just slaves to routine, dear!»;
- "Sam understood what I said, moron?" - "Your words, dear, pure burlesque. As well as you - an accident of our time ».

7. The popular expression of delight in the story about women: "This is ... (legs ...)!" - Translated like this: "Personally, I am exalted its Invention!". Speak and write in Russian right!


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