6 stunning facts about the experiments that science can not explain

Yes, not every experiment amenable clear explanation from the scientific soobschestva.1. Effect platsebo

We now know that the placebo actually produces changes in the brain. You say that the tablets should help, and you really feel relieved, while in fact these pills - ordinary candy. But why does it work?

Researchers have long been studying the placebo effect by measuring the activity of the brain of the patient. They were able to learn that the brain responds to very interesting drugs that do nothing. But why this happens - is unknown.

2. Space zvuki

Every child knows that in space the sound can not propagate. But in 2009, NASA scientists have discovered radio waves emitted by the early stars. It was expected that the "noise" will be negligible. But ARCADE (the device that captured radio waves) was able to capture such signals that scientists plunged into a stupor.

Astronomers call these notes "cosmic roar." And although there is a complete theory, telling the origin of the sound, while there is no concrete evidence to support at least one of them.

3. Effect Mpemby

In other words, the paradox, which states that the hot water (under certain conditions) can freeze faster than cold, but at the same time it must pass the temperature of cold water during freezing.

Surprisingly, this effect is found a student from Tanzania, after whom it is named. Everything else was not found yet no clear explanation for this paradox. Although the options, of course, there are.

4. Quantum zaputannost

It is the craziest thing that proves the ability to travel at speeds greater than the speed of light. Here's how it works: one particle is divided into two. They are interrelated, that is, no matter how far they are from each other, if something happens to one particle, another will react the same way. It happens in an instant, which is essentially a speed faster than light. We have no idea how science can apply such knowledge in the future.

5. Time is probably illyuziya

In accordance with the quantum model of the universe, there is no time at all. That we have created it to make your life easier. Some researchers say that this theory could explain many strange things that we see in the universe. If the observer sat outside it, he would have seen that nothing really in it does not change.

6. Past amenable izmeneniyu

According to quantum physics, very small particles such as atoms, can exist as either waves or particles. When we observe their status, we see that one thing, however, before the change, they are able to both wave and particle. It's easy to remember, if you remember the analogy with the Schrödinger cat, probably the most famous thought experiment with the participation of a representative of a dead cat.

Several experiments have shown that all of this is true. Researchers have identified one atom of helium and their journey through the lasers to find out he would lead as a particle or as a wave. As a result, it was found that the atom changes its state depending on whether the interference occurred.

In other words, when the researchers changed substantially event by entering the second laser, when an atom traveling through the first, changed the past. Atoms behave like a particle, although this was a wave.

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