Dental fillings are no longer needed! The Japanese have developed a paste that embeds the holes in the teeth

A revolutionary invention in the field of personal care products made by Japanese scientist Kazuo Yamagashi.

With the invention of toothpaste can be quick and painless to plug holes and cracks in the teeth and restore tooth enamel without the help of dentists, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Its composition is similar to that of tooth enamel, and can be applied directly to a crack in a tooth. Material was obtained from experiments with hydroxyl apatite - the main component of teeth.

First, the substance contained in the acid dissolves the surface slightly cracked enamel. Three minutes later crystallized pasta and artificial material is firmly embedded in the structure of the natural enamel. Plus it is a good antibacterial agent.

Tests conducted by Japanese dentists show that healed with the help of the invention, the tooth does not differ from healthy.

The difference is not visible even under a microscope.



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