The most unpopular in the history of video YouTube

The single «Friday» 13-year-old American "pop singer" Rebecca Black Placed on YouTube, scored 60, 5 million views since the beginning of February. The number of users who did not like the video is about 90% of that number! Perhaps this is an unpopular record video in the history of YouTube.

Rebecca Black, a product of a small California record company ARK Music Factory, which positions itself as a "community of search and promotion of musical talent, singing that" Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, and today is Friday, Friday, "" I have to go to the bus stop, I have to take the bus, I see my friends, "" we, we so excited We so excited ».

Members YouTube song called the worst song in history and do not get tired amazed at the primitiveness of the text. However, the clip is criticized not only for text, but for video, and the effect of the excessive use of Auto-Tune, it helps to correct "misses in the notes».

Singer refers to his work with nedetskiy seriously and says that upset a negative review, but intends to continue to rise to fame. «Friday» is already available in the online iTunes store, and takes his charts 54th, once again confirming no longer a new idea that will make the Internet a popular anybody. Experts point sharply increased role of social networks in the promotion of novice artists, pointing to the "viral nature" of this process.




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