10 facts about cities and countries

1. The word "Albion", the ancient name of the British Isles, means "white." This color are the chalk cliffs and the cliffs of Dover, which made of France, located just 34 kilometers, the island with snow-white look.

2. Somali pirates have no homeland. What is called the Republic of Somalia continues to exist only on paper. During the civil war that began in 1988 and continued in some areas until now, the country disintegrated into many small states. At present, the territory of Somalia, an official can observe three states: Property of the Republic of Somalia and the unrecognized Somaliland and Puntland.

3. One time Kharkiv region was the size of Germany, and had access to the sea. In 1919, it included the present territory of Kharkiv, Ekaterinovlavskoy, Kursk, Orel and Poltava provinces, as well as the northern part of Taurian province, part of Kiev and Chernigov provinces and part of the province of Tula.

4. In the world there are two territories, during which time different from the neighbors for an hour or even half an hour and 15 minutes. One of these areas (and the only state among them) is Nepal.

< 5. Until the mid-1920s in Novosibirsk it was two time zones simultaneously. The city stands on the Ob River, which marks the hour meridian. The left bank of the river lived in the same time zone, and the right - in the other.

6. The oldest existing flag of the world is a Danish Dannebrog. Legend attributes its appearance of the Danes to the beginning of the XIII century. This is a red flag with a white cross.

7. Flag of the Philippines - it is the only flag in the world, in which the colors are reversed on the war turns red top and blue - at the bottom. By the way, the flag of Great Britain, too, have an official "inverted" position.

8. One of the most unusual festivals in the world is celebrated on the island of Bali in Indonesia: Day of Silence. This day does not work, even only on the island airport. Tourists in the day, most likely, not be able to leave the hotel, because the police will ask them to come back.

9. In the United States, in the state of New Mexico, there is a city named for coward-game show on the Consequences (Truth-or-Consequences, «Truth or Consequences"). The city was renamed from Hot Springs to mark the tenth game show. The residents were not opposed, because the city of Hot Springs in the United States, there are at least 5 pieces.

10. The Canary Islands are named after dogs. Insula Canaria, «the Isle of Dogs" Romans named the largest island of the archipelago because of the huge number of dogs living on it. Canary Islands are named after, and not vice versa.

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