Yeah - the ugliest dog in the UK

Slanting eyes bulging, skewed muzzle sticking out at random rare teeth - it all Yeah, the dog who has spent his entire life in the nursery, but was never able to find a home team because of his repulsive appearance. This year, the Aga recognized ugliest dog of Great Britain, and as if by magic in the nursery at once crowds threw people wishing to shelter himself a celebrity.

Out of hundreds of applicants chose an ordinary 32-year-old waitress April Parker. Reportedly, the mother of two children, 15-year-old Skye and 13-year-old Jasmine, came to the nursery, and, as they say, fell in love at first sight "sweet" Yeah attractive face. On the same day the woman has issued all necessary documents, to pay 200 pounds and took the dog home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Full name Aha - uglies (Eng. Ugly - freak), he got it in the nursery because of their colorful appearance. On the first day of the new mistress of the Aga insulting nickname is changed to Doug.




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