Astronomers from the Pulkovo Observatory discovered the moon had exoplanets

Scientists monitored the planet WASP-12b, opened in April 2008 (at that time it was very hot and fast from exoplanets) and located at a distance of 800 light years from Earth in the constellation Auriga. The observations were made using two telescopes - ZA-M 320 at Pulkovo and MTM-500 M in the North Caucasus.

According to observations, scientists were able to build a light curve of WASP-12b. As a result, they found fluctuations in the brightness of the planet itself. Explanation for this may be only two or spots on its surface, or the presence of the moon.

Researchers are inclined to the second version, as dips in the brightness of a very regular. According to their calculations, the diameter of the moon is found 0, 57 Jovian. For comparison, the diameter of the planet WASP-12b is 1, 74 Jovian.

Also in the new work, scientists were able to confirm that the observed "Kepler" candidate ekzoplanetyKOI-256bdeystvitelno is a planet outside the solar system. Russian astronomers also calculated the diameter of the planet - it is 1, 83 Jovian.

Recall that the director of the Space Research Institute RAS Leo Green said recently that Russian astronomers will be looking for their own planets outside the solar system.


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