Coober Pedy: a white man under the ground

Located in the sparsely populated area of ​​Australia hundreds of miles to the nearest settlement, Coober Pedy is located on a ridge Stuart in South Australia, the eastern edge of the Great Victoria Desert, where the railroad passes close to Alice Springs. Because of the harsh temperature and prevailing mining people live permanently in underground caves, in shafts remaining after the opal mining. Standard bedroom in a cave home with lounge, kitchen and bathroom are located in caves drilled inside the mountain, like the houses on the surface. This keeps a constant optimal temperature, while the surface is 40 degrees Celsius (55 degrees maximum) at such a temperature is deteriorated many appliances. But the relative humidity often reaches 20% on hot days.

Attracting a lot of interest in Coober Pedy is located inside the mines, underground cemetery and church. The first trees that can be seen in the city, were welded from pieces of iron. The town has a local golf course with a movable grass and golfers lined with small pieces of "turf" around to the first impact.

Name of Coober Pedy translated from the language of Australian aborigines (kupa piti), as "the white man's hole" or "white person underground».


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