5 most bizarre experiments in the history of science

Every scientist is trying to be as objective as possible and logical. But when it comes to the intimate sphere of human life, then even the most devoted science researchers is difficult to keep a cool head ...

1. Sex and the apparatus MRT

In 1999, a group of scientists hired four pairs and three single women to participate in a spicy study. Participants pairs needed to climb into the car MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and make love. Single women offered to masturbate.

The experiment began with sex in the missionary position. Then the men were told to leave, and women continued without partners.

Before the culmination they were fed scholar signals via two-way communication. All stages of the experiment were photographed and recorded on video.

Investigators for some reason did not occur to him that sterile equipment, medical laboratory full of smells and people in white coats - are not located in the most romantic setting, and that the subjects can just did not come out. As a result, only one task handled participating in the experiment men. Perhaps because he, like the Lady of his, were street acrobats and accustomed prodelyvat "tricks while in a stressful situation».

When the researchers asked about the purpose of the experiment, they began to say vague question like "we wanted to see what would happen if people would make love in the MRI machine." And the conclusions that have been made as a result of the experiment, sounded something like "people do not like to make love in MRI machines when they are not street acrobats without a license, which can not pay the rent».

2. Johann Wilhelm Ritter and his batareyka

The invention of electric batteries in 1800 was a major historical event. For the first time the electricity turned literally into the hands of man, and he was able to use its features and capabilities. One such person was a German chemist, physicist, philosopher, romantic Wilhelm Ritter.

But instead of inventing something useful - a light bulb, for example, Ritter behaved like a little child with a new toy - he began to pass a current from the battery through the different parts of his own body, including the nasal cavity, tongue and eyes.

So, going down lower and lower on his body, he reached the most painful for every normal man place. We must pay tribute to Ritter - he was a real scientist, and was going to go to the end in that no matter what.

He wrapped genital organ with a cloth moistened with warm milk, connect the wires and let the current. Penis began to swell, but Ritter suffered, endured ... until I experienced probably the most horrific stories orgasm. The next day he wrote to his publisher: "I'm getting married tomorrow. At its battery! ».

Shortly after "marriage" in Ritter appeared such an extremely unpleasant side effects such as muscle spasms and paralysis. But he was involved, that he could not stop. Satisfying the pain with the help of opium, he continued to bully his body until the end of his short-lived (33 years) of life.

3. Porka

In Novosibirsk, invented by an amazing freshness and simplicity of the method of treatment of such terrible diseases as alcoholism, drug addiction and depression. The author of a new method of Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergei Speransky called it "porkoterapiey».

The idea is this: endorphins (or "happy hormones"; approx. www.mixstuff.ru ) - are natural opiates, which are produced in the body when you're in love, or expose your body to physical stress. They act on the same areas of the brain that heroin or morphine, but without the side effects. In addition, high doses of endorphins the body produces when experiencing pain (for example, if you pinch your finger or foot injury).

Scientists from Novosibirsk began to study the link between endorphins, depression, and various dependency. And they came to the conclusion that the fight against these diseases is quite possible, achieving a significant increase in the content of endorphins in the body of the patient. Then they had studied all the known methods that can achieve such an increase, and came to the conclusion that the most effective is a good old-fashioned spanking.

Convinced Speranskii cause of alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and other psychosomatic diseases is the loss of zest for life. These people decrease production of endorphins. And if they are well whipped, then "activate endorphin receptors, endorphins are released and returns a taste for life».

For speculative calculations was bound to come a trial period, which was held with the participation of specially recruited a group of people with the relevant data (ie, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and a number of other diseases).

Results of the experiment scientists themselves rated as "successful" and recommended that all the suffering course of 30 sessions of 60 strokes of the cane on the buttocks. "The blows should be applied at full strength a man of medium build. Dosing of force is not necessary ».

4. Kinsey and his komanda

Alfred Kinsey was the first major American sexologist. He began his career with the study of insects, but soon realized that people, especially the intimate sphere, it is much more interesting. And he began to read lectures at Indiana University, which he called "a course of marital relations».

But the real research began in 1938 with questionnaires distributed to students with questions about habits and preferences in their intimate life. Then Kinsey tired of paperwork, and he began to arrange an interview with his students face-to-face. Thus he hoped to roll out the test on an even greater openness.

More Kinsey was known for the fact that, while still entomologist tempted senior students. Nobody expected that he will change his habits in his new role. He has not changed.

One student named Clyde Martin. After the interview, Kinsey suggested that the young man a job as a part of the research team. Martin agreed, and they immediately went into the bedroom for a "scientific experiment».

Then Martin decided that still more interested in women than boss and demanded his partners in the scientific work of Kinsey's wife. Last approved the idea. Moreover, after that all employees Kinsey began to exchange partners - solely for the sake of science. Then he was hired a photographer to document the progress of investigations.

The only pity is that the purpose and results of the studies have not clarified.

5. "Do you want to sleep with me?"

We are all familiar with the whole set of stereotypes concerning the characteristics of gender behavior. And we know that some of them - the truth.

In 1978, one of these stereotypes has been subjected to thorough scientific study - the one according to which the men of "one mind" and they are ready to "one" prodelyvat at every opportunity, while women are more prudent and selective in choosing a partner. < br />
Psychology professor Russell Clark and his students set out to test whether men and women respond differently to the invitation to have sex. In the experiment, attended by 48 students who came to the people on the street near the university buildings, and said something like, "I noticed you a long time. In life, I never met a / such ... ».

I tie a conversation that should have been completed unambiguous proposal to continue the acquaintance in bed. If the subject refused, the students make a corresponding entry in the notebooks, opened cards and thank the person for his contribution to science.

This is when the subject said "no».

If the object is to say "yes", then, according to instructions, it was necessary to do exactly the same thing - to explain everything and to thank. But there is a problem, because the object is in the process of talks could have "tune in" a certain way, and did not want to understand nothing about what kind of science. And if a man still somehow able to get out, it is for a woman to go on the bouncy explicit proposals for vague apology was very difficult. It is not difficult to guess what the reaction of the object could be the most unpredictable.

As a result of publisher Clark refused to publish his scientific work, arguing that in the course of the experiments are likely to have been raped by more than one student.

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