3 mysterious illness that doctors still can not explain

Despite all the advanced technology, in front of some diseases doctors still shrug, unable not to cure, but even explain where they come from.

1. Sleepy bolezn

Imagine your wife is sick with something resembling a serious cold. A few days later, she swallows the pill and still feels worse and worse. And then suddenly petrified - no expression in his eyes, his mouth curved, like a silent scream. She lies motionless on a hospital bed, and no one understands what is happening to her and what help here.

And then, one day, she just suddenly wake up ... but behaves as if her body was possessed by some stranger. At first she seemed indifferent to everything, and then, gradually, it becomes aggressive and, finally, begin to throw people in the obscene sense of the word.

This is not a plot for a horror movie, and a description of how the real and serious illness that has puzzled medical luminaries in the early 20th century. It called the disease "sleeping sickness", and the first outbreak was recorded in 1917.

No one still does not know where it came from and where it had gone then.

Starts with mundane complaints of pain in the throat, then quickly grew into a nightmare when the victim suffered from hallucinations and fits of rage, until he fell into a stupor. Surrounding it seemed that the patients are asleep, while in fact they were fully conscious and heard everything is fine - just could not move. Many died at this stage, but for those who get out of it, the nightmare was far from over.

Behavior survivors lethargic encephalitis have changed dramatically, and for the rest of life. They could become incredibly aggressive and, regardless of gender, pathologic rapists. Plus, they became emotionless, it is not sensitive, for example, to the beauty of art.

The most amazing thing is that in ten years into the epidemic, new cases appear suddenly stopped, as if the aliens turned its project to create clones in the world.

Since the epidemic began almost a century has passed, and doctors still have no idea about what actually happened with all these miserable, although it is clear that the reason lies in changes in the brain.

According to one hypothesis, the disease begins with the bacteria causing pharyngitis, which, in turn, triggers the immune system and leads to the destruction of the gray matter. But most scientists believe that the cause of the epidemic has served as a kind of an unknown virus.

2. The bounce of the French Mena

Whether from an excess of humor, whether from a lack of imagination, but the disease in question because neurologists have called - "a syndrome of jumping Frenchmen of Maine».

For the first time this strange condition was recorded by the famous American neurologist George Byrd in 1878. He noted that many of the loggers, with only the Canadians of French origin who lived in the Lake Muskhed in northern Maine, and then jump up and scream like a nervous lady in the form of rats.

These bouncing French loggers were not just extremely shy - unexpectedly violent reaction could follow any domestic sound (screaming, thump, cotton), and even a request such as "Hey, throw a jar of beer, as well?».

The disease apparently had something to do with extraordinary suggestibility, is connected with an extremely heightened startle reflex. Very unpleasant condition, especially when you consider that most of these people spend the day with an ax in the hands of ...

Surprisingly, the syndrome is somehow confined to northern Maine and affects only the French lumberjacks. That is, it may be related to genetics, but can somehow relate to the environment. Or to the profession.

Do some jumping longhorn manifest more symptoms and echolalia (automatic repetition of words and phrases heard from people around him; approx. Mixstuff.ru). From this the scientists conclude that the mysterious disease may be a special form of Tourette's syndrome - disorders of the central nervous system, characterized by multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic.

3. Diarrhea city Breynerd

If you've ever experienced the effects of the hike in bad sushi bar, you know what kind of horror - spend a day on the toilet. Imagine now that the day stretched out to you for months, and you get a rough idea about the course of the disease called "diarrhea Brainerd»

The disease was named after the city of Brainerd, Minnesota, where the first case was recorded. Sufferers, picked up the infection, inquire into the toilet for 10-20 times a day. Often the diarrhea is accompanied by nausea, cramps and constant fatigue.

In 1983, there were eight outbreaks of diarrhea Brainerd, six of them - in the United States. But the first was still the largest - had been ill for a year, 122 people. There are suspicions that the disease occurs after consumption of fresh milk - but I still can not understand why it hurts a person so long.

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