A safe dose of caffeine - 400 milligrams per day

A lethal dose of caffeine - about ten grams, which is approximately equal to the weight of two standard pencils. Ten grams of caffeine - coffee is 15 liters or 120 cans of an energy drink like Red Bull.

The rate of cleansing the body of caffeine depends on many factors - are important genetic characteristics of a person, sex and even addiction to smoking. For this reason, it is difficult to secure the rate of caffeine a day - physiological differences, as well as the mode of consumption of the substances have on this issue of great importance.

We must not forget that caffeine is one of those substances, which loves to debate science. It can make the anesthetic 40% more effective in treating chronic headaches and accelerate the body's response to the medication. On the other hand, numerous studies confirm that women who abuse coffee during pregnancy, the likelihood of miscarriage above. Other studies have shown that the coffee cognitive disorders can produce a prophylactic effect. And when the two types of diabetes. And even cancer.

The answer to all conflicts, only one - everyone reacts to caffeine in its own way, and to establish their own "secure the border" is not so simple. According to research from 2003, the year it was concluded that 400 mg of caffeine per day (approximately 500 mg of coffee) - is a safe dose for a healthy adult. If you eat more, you may experience negative mood changes, or heart problems. For pregnant women caffeine should be reduced to 200 milligrams per day. Smokers, too, do not get too lean on coffee as the smoker is cleared more slowly than non-smokers person.

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