10 modern researchers who make the impossible

People have visited almost all the pieces of the planet's land and sent into space satellites to photograph the most remote areas. Explorers "old school" is almost gone, but are replaced by new discoverers. Their focus is already inside ourselves, they are exploring their own capacity, by example to show people what we're capable of.

1. Gary Konnerid3dc811988.jpg

May 23, 2012, the year Gary Connery jumped out of the helicopter, hanging at a height of 731, 5 meters above the ground. A minute later, after flying at speeds of 128 km / h, he successfully landed. Without a parachute.

Wingsuit - a special kind of sport where athletes in special costumes jumping from great heights and hover in the suit above the ground before open the parachute. Gary Connery just decided that he did not need a parachute, and instead built a runway of cardboard boxes.

Connor is now 42 years. During his life he has made more than 1,350 jumps, starred in more than 100 films and television shows as a stuntman and stunt coordinator.

2. Jeff Makkleyde7ce2a34b.jpg

Jeff McClay has made a career, and then find themselves in a place where no one will want to even approach. He - a photographer and that he often makes images natural disasters. McClay did photographs of more than 70 incidents, including tsunamis, hurricanes and forest fires. While others ran away to save their lives, McClay with camera in hand shoved through the crowd, to be closer to the scene.

In 2010, the year Jeff and his team climbed to the crater of the volcano Marum in Vaunatu. During the eruption. They descended into the crater 457 meters in heat resistant suits to film bubbling with lava as close as possible. They would have gone down and under, but, according to Makkleya, the rope was too short.

3. Guillaume Neri2510e8e342.jpg

Freediving - is the kind of diving, but without oxygen cylinders behind. Free divers hold their breath at all the time are still under water. The idea is to swim so far as possible, or to dive to a maximum depth. Sometimes this means breath hold for 15 minutes or more. Of course, the body freediver at this moment experiencing the full force of deep-sea pressure. Perhaps the most famous and distinguished a freediver Guillaume Nery. In 2006, he broke his own world record, plunging to a depth without equipment 109 meters.

In 2010, the Neri dived into Blue Hole Dean - the deepest in the world of vertical underwater cave. Thanks to a depth of 203 meters, the color of the water changes rapidly from aquamarine to almost black. However, Neri was able to reach the bottom and then rise to the surface.

4. Alex Honnold0182c6cd58.jpg

27-year-old Alex Honnold is one of the most professional climbers in the style of free climbing. This style does not involve the use of any insurance and Alex Honnold can climb the steep rock without devices, relying on his body.

September 6th, 2008, the year Honnold climbed the peak in Yosemite National Park.

Peak is the vertical cliffs up to 600 meters from base to top. He did it without a single rope. In 2012 Alex won the other two peaks in Yosemite and repeated the ascent to first. The total lifting height was 2000 meters and require nearly 19 hours.

5. Robbie Shonc7babfc01f.png

Speleology - the study of underground caves. As with other similar sports, caving involves extreme, but Robbie Sean fits as close to the lower mark of extreme scale. He has traveled the world in search of the deepest caves and bizarre, and all this time did not leave the camera to make the perfect shot.

The study of caves is incredibly dangerous - it can happen flood, landslide. The researcher can fall from a great height, or simply lose the way. Of course, Sean observe some precautions, but can forget about everything in the pursuit of great photos. For example, Robbie tells of his three-monthly trip to Papua - New Guinea, "During this trip at my eyeball for a few days to live leeches. We were trying to clean them with salt and raw meat, but it was not easy ».

6. Felix Baumgartnera04964d05f.jpg

October 14, 2012, the year Felix Baumgartner climbed the manned balloon into the stratosphere and made a parachute jump from a height of 39 kilometers. This is three times higher than normal fly passenger liners. During the jump, Felix broke the sound barrier. He had to wear a special suit to protect against extreme cold and rarefied atmosphere.

Of course, to make like Felix took years of training and hundreds of less serious hops.

7. Dan Osman1d884e2c26.jpg

Dan Osman - one of the pioneers of free climbing, but he brought the sport to another level. He not only climbed the cliffs without insurance, but also wanted to do it as quickly as possible. He was able to overcome the difficult Bear Rock near Lake Tahoe in California in just four minutes and twenty five seconds. The height of the cliff - 121 meters.

After climbing Osman tacked to his safety rope and jumped down. Unfortunately, in 1998, during a free fall from a cliff in Yosemite National Park rope broke, and Osman was killed. However, he still remains a cult figure and a source of inspiration for all climbers of the world.

8. Ed Stafforde51714693c.jpg

The length of the Amazon River - almost 7000 km. The river originates in the Andes as a narrow stream, and later expanded to a huge river flowing through the still uncharted territory. At the confluence of the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean becomes the widest river in the world. In 2008, the ex-boxer Ed Stafford walked the whole river - from source to mouth. He was the first person who managed to do it. His journey on the river ended Aug. 9, 2010, the year.

He ate mostly rice and beans, which they bought in the villages located on the banks of the river. Sometimes even I catch and eat piranhas. During the campaign he was confronted with anacondas, crocodiles and tropical diseases, and once the traveler was caught tribe of natives. The purpose of trip was to draw the world's attention to cutting down the Amazonian forests.

9. Lynn Koks1835456a3e.jpg

Lynn floats like most people drives a car. In the early 1970s, it has attracted attention by setting the speed record for crossing the English Channel. In 1987, she became the first person to swim across the Bering Strait from Alaska to the Soviet Union. Then she spent more than four hours in cold water, the temperature of which - about 4 ° C. By the end of the swim Lynne froze so that the girl was placed in a heated chamber to bring her own body temperature back to normal.

But in 2003, the year Lynn did what pales before what all her previous achievements. Dressed only in swimsuit and sunglasses, she swam almost two kilometers through the waters of the Antarctic. To do this, it took 25 minutes. Typically, a person lacks five minutes in cold water so to death. Lynn was still alive and, moreover, is healthy.

10. Eric Veyenmayer2c4c29b98b.jpg

Eric Veyenmayer - perhaps the most amazing person on our list. He has been climbing, skydiving, cycling races and skiing. The most striking thing is that Eric lost his sight 13 years. In 1995, he reached the summit of Mount McKinley height of more than 6000 kilometers, and two years later won the Kilimanjaro. In 2001, Eric became the first blind man, who managed to climb Everest.

Now Veyenmayer working with blind adolescents in Tibet by arranging for them harmless mountain expeditions. He also teaches them to control the kayak in the mountain rivers, guided by the sound of water in the rapids and the river.

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