Reducing calorie intake by 40% slows down the aging brain

Recently, scientists have established: reducing calorie intake by 40% slows down the aging brain and may even increase life expectancy. They invented a pill that helps a person to achieve the same effect, or what it is not limiting.

"Miracle pill" develops in the cells of the brain special enzyme that helps to reduce age-related cognitive disorders, such, for example, that we can see in Alzheimer's disease (a disorder of short term memory, loss of nerve cells, and others.).

It should be noted that while in the studies related to the restriction of caloric intake, the experiments are conducted only in laboratory rats: in one of the latest scientific research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was 30% reduced calorie intake of rodents, and as a result, has greatly improved the work of their brain. Then the scientists injected guinea special preparation, and their diet remained the same calorie intake, this time was not limited, and the results were even higher - in mice significantly improved memory and other cognitive functions of the brain.

Can contribute to this tablet as an increase in life expectancy, it is not clear (Experiments on monkeys have produced conflicting findings) requires further large-scale studies. However, we can already say that the extra calories are harmful for our body.



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