World population has reached a billion in 1804, and after only 123 years doubled

The rate of population growth over the past 200 years has significantly increased, and now gradually zamedlyayutsya

World population grows accelerated pace - in 1804 the number of people in the world has exceeded one billion, and after 123 years of humanity "exchanged" for the second largely due to the numerous discoveries of science committed throughout the XIX-th century. The rapid development of medicine and industry had a positive impact on life expectancy and significantly reduced mortality rate, especially among children.

Of course, in the XX-th century population growth further accelerated - three billion milestone was passed in 1959, and for 15 years it added, and the fourth billion. In 1987, we became more than five, in 1999, the number of people reached six billion, and in 2011, the year, as many will remember, was born on 7-billion inhabitant of the Earth, by the way, ours with you fellow countryman - Pyotr Nikolayev from Kaliningrad .

However, infinite growth within the limited resources of the planet impossible. According to statistics, the average life expectancy increased from 48 years old in the 1950s to 68-years in our time, and the total fertility rate in the world, on the contrary, decreased from 4, 89-4, 95 (1950) 2, 36, which speaks of a gradual slowdown in population growth. According to experts of the United Nations, by 2050 the number of people on Earth will exceed 9, 3 billion, and at the end of XXI-century of his birth of a cry announce 10 billion Earthman.



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