Scientists secret formula of the strongest poison in the world, because they can not find an antidote

To kill an adult need only 0 000 000 002 grammab57602bc6b.png

California scientists announced the discovery of the most toxic substances known to man. Researchers prefer not to talk about the details of the work done, because the antidote does not exist, and if the poison gets into the wrong hands, can be lost a huge number of people.

The so-called botulinum toxin - a type of neurotoxin protein produced by the spore-forming rod Clostridium Botulinum. Science has been known eight types of toxin agents classified by type, - A, B, C1, C2, D, E, F and G; the last type was opened in 1970.


The most common is a botulinum toxin type A, the most toxic, until recently, was considered a type of D - its lethal dose is approximately 0 000 000 028 grams (based on the average weight of an adult, as a rule, is about 70 kg), while for Each botulinum toxin has been developed antidote to neutralize its effect.

Recently, scientists have discovered the ninth type, which is designated H. This substance is much deadlier other neurotoxins: to kill a healthy adult, enough 0 000 000 002 grams.

So far, the strongest of the world's only known toxin that his strain was found in the feces of a child suffering from botulism - diseases of the nervous system that develops in humans by ingestion of botulinum toxin in the body. Currently we are searching for the antidote.



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