30 million Chinese live in caves

Due to the shortage of housing these people live in appalling usloviyah

When we hear about China and Chinese people, come immediately to mind huge densely populated cities like Beijing and Hong Kong, but not all of the inhabitants live in the big cities of China. In some remote areas of the country as a shelter used the cave, with this is not an isolated case: according to various estimates, the number of such "Chinese cave" is up to 30 million people.

Most of the population of the vast country is really concentrated in urban areas, but poverty and housing shortages have led to the fact that many Chinese people are literally forced to live in burrows, such as those in which they lived hobbits of Tolkien's fantasy universe of John.

In Shaanxi Province "Cavemen" have organized the whole village - the local soil allows builders to quickly and inexpensively digging cozy and comfortable house, which locals call "yaodong." Rent this apartment available for $ 30 a month, and the purchase will cost about $ 46,000, which is much cheaper than any other real estate.

Availability - is not the only advantage of the caves to a city apartment: many environmentally-conscious Chinese seeking to get away from the polluted air industry cities, besides the cave surprisingly resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters, unlike conventional dwellings. If desired, the cave can be equipped with the latest technology, conduct electricity and the Internet, to provide water supply and heating, so that the cave house, probably for a long time to be an excellent alternative to the noisy and overcrowded megacities.

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