Obesity terminally (at least at the current stage of scientific development)

This is indicated by all the studies without isklyucheniya

Let's be honest: very few obese people lost weight - at least, so they say in all the studies, without exception. You can lose a ton of weight, but eventually gain back even more. In extreme cases, you can lose four to seven kilograms and dial them again - it is difficult, but possible.

But almost no one becomes a svelte again - or rather, some people did it, but the percentage is so small that it can not even be included in the study - according to statistics it is two people out of a thousand. They then follow the slimming figure, and really are determined to remain so forever. But they - the exception rather than the rule.

Of course, you say, just do not have much to eat. Well, to feel what it is, try not to eat anything for 72 hours. After 72 hours, your stomach starts to beg to fill it, and the brain will drive you to the fridge - this is impossible to resist. A very fat people feel always so: if they go on a diet, it means that the feeling of constant hunger is wild with them constantly, until the end of life, if any, will be able to resist.

So, a person who has lost about 100 kg (say, he weighed 170kg and lost up to 70 kg), physically and chemically fundamentally different from the thin man: physical exercise for him less effective, calories are deposited in the body as fat, recruited easier and eat pulse occurs several times more. However, people who lose weight still fails, often begin to suffer obsessive-compulsive disorder.

According to statistics, the only successful way to lose a lot of weight is a terrible surgical procedure. We have not been able to find reliable information about what some other way to give guaranteed results. So think about all this next time you're on the street laughing at a complete man.

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