If a long look at this picture, there is a risk to spoil your vision for three months

Or less if povezёtPozhaluysta not to examine too closely the picture - if you look at it for about 15 minutes, you risk to spoil your vision for up to three months.

This effect is called the effect MakKollafa: colorless color grid appears, with the color depends on the orientation of the bands - if you look at the black line on a green or purple field, the same band on a white background will seem green or purple.

All you need to load the effect - it's for 15 minutes to look at the green line, then purple, alternately for 30 seconds. Vertical lines on white picture then will seem green, and the horizontal - purple and white instead of the background you will see the "chessboard" with colored cells.

The effect occurs even if you look at the image with only one eye, which is evidence of the binocular interaction. It is believed that this effect does not affect the eyes themselves, and acts directly on the brain.

If you decide to try it out for yourself (what we will do is not highly recommended), a possible way to get rid of the consequences - is to perform the same actions "contrary", that is, first look at the image of a purple and then to green.

After 15 minutes, your mind will return to its normal state - probably. But it can not go back - at least, not at all. So serious, it is better not to experiment on yourself - just be aware that there is such an effect.

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