The strangest illusions (25 pieces)

Amazingly, this same circle. Notice how white it seems longer!
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The letter "A" on a black background looks like the letter "B"!

If you long to look into a white dot on the black cross, you can see that the label changes to "HAPPINESSĀ»

It seems that the lines are not parallel. It seems that the triangles are not equal.

Get away from the monitor at 1, 5 meters. Look at the center of the picture for one minute.
Now, if you look down, you'll see the floor.

Classroom illusion! It seems that the picture shit, but in fact it is the operating system!

If you look closely at this picture, it may seem that we have two presidents.

It would seem - 2 letters. But no! One! The number 28 written in black on a black background, looks like the number 42.

Visual-auditory illusion:
If a long look at the picture, you can hear the neighing of horses.

At first glance it seems that the woman in the photograph 60-70 years.
In fact, this is an illusion, it stotyschpitsot years.

It may seem that in the photo machine.

It may seem that the photograph WHA.

And this is all some kind of mysticism - if you look at the green dot in the center of
field, it would seem that the pink circle rotates counterclockwise! If you are not colorblind, then this picture you can easily look at the blue numbers on a red background.

If you look at this picture for 5 hours, and then translate the look on the wall, you can see everything! White circles appear to be flashing, is not it? At first glance the photograph Bilan, Plushenko and violinist.

If you look at the picture for a few years, it can be seen as a left rectangle is reduced, and the right circle increases.

From whatever side you would not consider this figure, a character depicted on it, will always look you straight in the eye. How many feet of an elephant?

If a long look at the picture, then something will happen for sure. If a long look at this picture can occur spontaneous ejaculation.

If a long look at this picture, you may find that it is a work of art.



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