Homeless bought last money one lottery ticket and won $ 2, 79 million

Oh, he did have money nuzhny

55-year-old man from Hungary named Laszlo Andrashek overnight went all the way from tramp to a millionaire. He bought the last of his money on a lottery ticket, hoping that he was a bit lucky, but, of course, he did not expect that to win the jackpot.

Adrashek worked as a repairman of agricultural machines and spend all the money on booze - in other words, Andrashek was ... He lived a typical life ... and I thought that everything is in order.

In the end, his brothers and sisters decided that fed up with all this, and asked her mother to drive his younger brother out of the house - so Andrashek was on the street, it happened in 1989, the year. He even tried to hang himself, but the rope broke, and Andrashek eventually lost a leg. But even that did not stop him: he continued to blame what's happening in all but himself. In 1991 he registered as homeless.

In 1995, he could not even come home for Mother's Day, he was so drunk, although he never missed the celebration. By the end of the month, he enrolled in a treatment ...... - as his life slowly, but began to build.

In 1999, he met his future bride Aniko - they introduced a social worker. To recover from ..... Andrasheku took ten years. During this time, the couple married, but just barely making ends meet.

That night, when Andrashek bought a ticket, he went to a treatment center in Budapest .... He guessed the six numbers on the ticket, and the saleswoman reminded him that it is necessary to select the seventh number. He chose 24, thinking it does not matter, and the room was a winner. This number is selected at random to them, changed his life.

According Andrasheka, he will no longer need to fight for life and try to pay the debts, even taking large sums of money, and then trying to pay them, too. He bought a house and is planning a trip to Italy. But he decided not to give money to change it too much - he was rich, but not a different person.

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