The pandemic, which occurred in the "Warcraft" accurately simulate the real situation of the global epidemic

Igrodely inadvertently helped uchёnym

In September 2005, the company «Blizzard» introduced to the game «World Of Warcraft» new raid called "Zul'Gurub." In it there is an unexpected danger: the final boss, Hakkar, can affect the players with the help of debuff (skill down the characteristics of the character) "Corrupted Blood».

For design, the spell was supposed to last only a few seconds and only work in the location "Zul'Gurub." However, a mistake was made: livestock players and their henchmen carried illness abroad locations.

Pandemic quickly killed low-level characters and brought a lot of inconvenience pumped players - all this has completely changed the gameplay. All players have reacted differently, but their response has always resembled human behavior in such a situation in real life.

Some characters-doctors treated on its own initiative all the others, and some low-level characters are not allowed other players in the infected areas. Some of the players ran to the area on the map where the infection has not reached, and someone deliberately spread it, thereby committing a kind of terrorist acts.

The consequences of the virtual plague have been carefully studied by epidemiologists - in many respects it has given to understand how the human population will respond to the pandemic in the real world. Officials involved in the anti-terrorist security also studied these events, taking note the behavior of some players to make virtual biological attacks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contacted with «Blizzard Entertainmet» and asked for statistics on the event for research purposes, but the company told them that it was just a game "bug».



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