The sharpest burgers in the world to the hospital five people

Hell buterbrod

The sharpest burgers in the world called «XXX Hot Chili Burge» enjoyed resounding demand. To buy it, you must be over 18 years old, sold hellish sandwiches takeaway shop in the British «Burger Off». The severity of hamburgers - 9.2 million on the Scoville scale, for comparison, a jalapeno pepper has only 2,500 "pungency", and the standard chili pepper - a measly 500.

In hyperacute burgers add a special hot sauce based on chili concentrate - piri piri. Since then, as the burgers appeared on the streets of Britain, they have tried to eat 3,000 people, and could only eat up 59.

«XXX» can cause the body to substantial damage, so that the owner places Nick Gambardella forgive customers first sign a waiver, and then eat - after a meal at the hospital already got five people: one happened intestinal perforation, have four others - anaphylactic shock. Staff at the local hospital even had a coaching staff to treat fans of spicy food: Act I - enter the adrenaline drip.

Gambardella, among other things, he is shocked by the fact that people come back time and time again for a new burger. He always warns them that burger - extremely sharp and can cause considerable harm to health. But apparently, people are considering a burger as a challenge. For example, the guy who is in hospital with intestinal perforation, gastric ulcer was what he knew.

Gambardella not stop the sale of hamburgers from the principle - as long as there are people who want to eat it, he will sell them.

I wonder what causes this feeling burger? Sometimes, people begged for mercy, tearing their clothes (this is no joke) and even punched through the windows while eating. Some vomited.

Well, you want to try buterbrodik?



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