10 useful tips on how to learn a foreign language for three months

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Benny Lewis knows six languages ​​- French, Spanish, English, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Esperanto. Benny wrote the book "A quick tongue for three months: in any age learn to speak any language." The author believes that with the right approach and sufficient practice to master a foreign language for three months and everyone can.

Key advice procedure Benny - to abandon perfectionism. Do not try to speak the language perfectly and use a thousand words - we are at home, we use the strength of the five thousand. And yet we are in the study somehow trying to turn language into a school subject - are building the program, we pass grammar lessons, memorizing words on a topic. Everyone wants to talk fluently and eventually become so obsessed with this purpose, and so it does not reach. In general, Benny believes that it is wrong.


Here are a few tips for his study of the language in three months:

1. Speak aloud in the language from the very first dnyaNachinayuschie should not be afraid that they distort the words or phrases properly built. Most importantly, they get used to say out loud - at once.

2. First, learn useful frazyNovichkam should be taught simple phrases like «bathroom where?» (Eng. "Where is the bathroom?"), Which will help them to ask pressing questions. Not very eloquent, but understandable.

3. Forget about learning the strict grammatical correctament initially important vocabulary and learn basic phrases. Worry about the correct grammar is not necessary - you have time to learn it later.

4. Communicate with native speakers - for example, in the opinion of SkaypuPo Benny, one of the best tools for the study of language in these days is the Internet - in particular, video chats like Skype. Taking advantage of this program (or any other similar), the carrier of the Russian language in Moscow can chat with someone from the United States or any country in the world.

5. Listen radioRadio - another way to immerse yourself in the language environment. Listen to the radio broadcasts of the country where people speak a language that you learn. In particular, Benny advises to go to TuneIn - online storage broadcasts from around the world.

6. Tell us about sebeOdin of the favorite tips for beginners Benny - write a short story about themselves in their own language and work on his translations with a native speaker. This relatively quickly helps you to remember a lot of words and phrases.

7. Do not sign up for the common language kursyBenni extremely advises beginners to sign up for courses "for all" - they are too general program. According to him, at the initial stage of training personal feedback to the carrier more useful.

8. Instead, use a free tool for learning the language of the favorite services onlaynOdin Benny - Duolingo. Another - Italiki, a website that connects you with native speakers for personal communication.

9. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on praktikuBenni believes that people are ready to spend on learning a foreign language full-time, just a few months will come to the level B2. If much time you have not, practicing for a couple of hours a day, you will come to the same level in a year.

10. Do not try to sovershenstvuLyudi often so eager to speak perfectly, when they would not succeed (and novices never turns out the way), they become frustrated and even quit training. The best way to deal with the problem - laugh at their own mistakes and not try to be perfect.

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