New horoscope: Who are you from household appliances?

Unusual this horoscope, interesting enough to read about themselves ..))
Find below a Zodiac and read!)

Gemini: / You computers
And with the complete bundle: Processor and you clever and clear monitor, keyboard and ergonomic. You accommodates and process complex information when put such a task, but to put it, you need a mouse. Myshki- computer without intrinsic value system, but it is impossible to use it. Myshka- is an approach to the computer. Generally, of course, you can plug in any and somehow use it, but your system faster and more responsive to subtle optical control.

Virgo: / You camcorder
Look carefully at this world, all notice and write, and outputted to analyze digital form. Yes, it's a smart priborchik, but wrong to think that it only captures what is happening. Oh, no! Sensitive camera optics capable of the most wonderful way to transform reality, both for the better and for the worse. There are people who do not like a video camera, and absolutely do not want to shoot beautiful, but there are Other- and they are lucky. If we love one camera, then at least in the two accounts will make a star.

Capricorn: / You refrigerator
Important and profound, a key figure not only in the kitchen, but in the whole house. Have you ever, refrigerator and warms the soul. Unflappable and strong, your mind is hard to guess what you have inside. And then, you know, the grouse with pineapple, then a couple of withered apples, if not empty. In the case of a refrigerator than ever valid philosophical phrase Carlson: "Nothing to see here, here and nothing ever happens if you do not put anything here!».

Leo / vacuum cleaner you
You outshines all the sounds of the world, compared to the rest of you are inaudible and insignificant. Powerful jet of fresh air sweep dust and routine, you can whip up any swamp, paint everything bright colors. You bunch of purposeful energy, and are capable of so much involve in this turbulent cycle, including the fact that you do not need. You have the same enthusiasm for any task you undertake, whether it is the size of a pin and a closet. Learn how not to get upset that you can not draw a cabinet, better think about it: you need it?


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