In China, men were beaten shock Mother's Day, so they feel like hurting women to give birth

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The Mother's Day in the southern Chinese province of Jiangxi 20 men voluntarily went through labor pains. They are hooked up to a special machine that simulated pain using electroshock. The men could not survive even 30 seconds.

A total of ten levels of pain on a scale of 50 to 500. The stomachs male volunteers beat electric shock, and within seconds they writhed in pain, and then begged to stop the experiment.

One volunteer, 31-year-old British singer Ian Inglis, lives and works in China. He asked to stop as soon as the pain put up 100. Another volunteer Li Hao said: "It was incredible - I even could not stand. Now I understand why my wife screamed, even under anesthetic when she gave birth ».

Only one man named Zhou Nan was able to stand the pain down to the level of 500. He said: "I am the father of triplets. I wanted to understand what my wife experienced when she gave birth. It was awful, and after that I deeply admire all the tests mothers ».

Nevertheless, the experiment is not too realistic - men can stop it at any time. The mother could not bear to stop.



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