Science has identified the perfect combination of colors in clothes

Beauty - ideal balans

known something that we wear, can have a big impact on what people think about us, and how they treat us. Despite this, today there is surprisingly little objective analysis of fashion.

Authors of the study will be discussed today, check out one of the many variables that determine the success (or failure) in the fashion world: the color scheme. There are two extremes: clothes that goes, and clothing that does not go perfectly. Obviously, many outfits are somewhere between these extremes. To find out what kind of clothes the most fashionable, the researchers randomly mixed clothing of various colors, and put it to the participants in the experiment, of which there are several hundred. Let the authors themselves talk about the results.

"It was assumed that the data will give a simple answer to a simple question: what to wear? The results are consistent with philosophical thoughts, voiced a couple of centuries ago, and even more like the importance of psychological research "middle path." This path may also explain the aesthetic judgments out of fashion, it reflects a fundamental principle of human choice, which is always in balance complexity and simplicity, order and chaos ».

"Fashion is an integral part of human existence. Today, the fashion industry is spinning more than 1 year, 7 trillion dollars. Any important choices in our life, such as finding employment or appointment, in any way associated with clothing. And yet we still do not understand the key points of which one or another outfit become fashionable. This study presents the empirical approach to this fundamental aesthetic field, it is considered the link between the relationship of colors and "trendy". The study showed that the maximum "trendy" is achieved when the clothes do not look too carefully chosen, but at the same time and not too dissimilar.

In other words, the fashionable clothing is that which corresponds to the notion of "moderate" and not one that "fits perfectly", or vice versa, has zero matching the details ».



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