11 natural remedies that can replace harmful household chemicals:

1. Vinegar - decalcification with all surfaces. It can also be used to rinse things washing windows, and so on. D.

2. Baking soda - a mild abrasive to clean almost any surface.

3. Peel of citrus (lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit) - bleaching and deodorization chopping boards, kitchen utensils, sinks, etc. E., As well as an air freshener.

4. Beeswax - polishing furniture and flooring ointment.

5. Hydrogen peroxide - disinfection, mold removal, removing stains from clothing.

6. Simple soap - removing stains and heavily soiled clothes.
7. Borax, which is found in many detergents - cleaning heavily soiled surfaces and facilities for people with sensitive skin are advised to avoid direct contact with the brown and rubber gloves.

8. Pumice - remove stale lime deposits. If you rub a pumice stone on a grater, then it can be used as a scrub or add to homemade soap.

9. Essential oils - eucalyptus, lavender, pine, tea tree - deodorization disinfection of premises and even surfaces.

10. Salt - antibacterial abrasive for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, which does not scratch the surface.

11. Mustard - removes grease even in cold water. You can wash the dishes, you need to wash the dishes. Many followers of a healthy lifestyle wash head and body powder mustard. Masks with mustard and other ingredients well to stimulate hair growth, improves skin quality.


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