"The effect antropotsebo" explains how our minds can destroy the world

Previously, scientists thought that our mind can control only our body, but modern scholars suggest that this is not tak

The placebo effect and nocebo effect demonstrate that our minds are of a special kind of control over our bodies. And they can gain control over the world. And that is what should worry. The placebo effect is so widely distributed that it take into account for each test a new drug. People taking a completely useless sugar pills have reported that their condition began to improve. They do this very dramatic and consistent, so companies have to constantly make sure that their new drug more effective than sugar pills.

The other side of the coin - the nocebo effect. If people are convinced that they will face negative consequences after taking any medication, it is likely that there will be just that. If a group of women believed that they could die from heart disease (although no real prerequisites for this is not), their chances of dying from heart disease is much higher than in the group that do not share their faith unfortunate.

Jennifer Jacquet assistant professor of environmental studies at New York University, believes that the above effects may extend beyond the body. She coined the term "effect antropotsebo." People who believe that humanity can only destroy the planet and nothing else, at some point, can cause destruction of the planet. We can not make the effort to save anything, because we believe that this is not going to work. We are not looking for solutions, we believe that the solutions do not exist. And if the destruction of the environment is still inevitable, then we could make money on it. In other words, people who believe that humanity can only destroy everything around, and that to do this can not be, can themselves cause his own death.

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