The artist Concetta Antico see 100 times more colors than the average person

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When most of us look at a buttercup, we see a yellow color. But one artist sees a number of additional shades of color, because it is - tetrahromat, and can see 100 times more colors than the average person.


At Antico Concetta, who lives in San Diego, California, in the eyes have more receptors that absorb colorful light and allowing her to see - and paint - the world around her in any other way than most other people.

The average person can see about a million colors, while tetrahromatov eyes have more cones, allowing them to see up to 99 million colors. Cones - this part of the eye, is designed to absorb light waves of a certain length and signal transmission in the brain. The average person has three types of cones that are configured on the waves of green, red and blue, while there tetrahromatov fourth type, which can vary.


It is believed that this condition is caused by mutations in the X-chromosome that cause people to see more or fewer colors. It is most likely that these mutations do color-blind man and a woman - tetrahromatom if they occur mutations in both X-chromosomes.

To most effectively use their ability to see colors, Antico wrote vivid impressionistic paintings of animals and landscapes, as well as trying to teach other people to see the colors around them in a new way. She says: "Everyone has the capacity to see colors the way I see them, but our urban way of life and focus on technology prevents thisĀ».



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