Epiphany bathing

Drugoi writes in his LiveJournal:

I planned a trip to my favorite Pereslavl where the Forty Martyrs, is rumored to have promised to deliver normal light, for technical reasons, fell through and I did not find anything better to do at midnight to go to the Borisov ponds. And there was, as they say, brutal as it is. A crowd of people on the beach, a lone light shines into the distance, but not the font, MChSniki unsuccessfully trying to drive away naked on the snow people with ice ("Ceychas after all failed!"), The fence a long queue of half-naked, and those who do not want stand in line climbs through the iron frame enclosing bathing place. In short, to inflame passions, I was reminded of the final scene of the film "The Day of Neptune." However, the Spaniards won over the fire on horses whitefish, and we are worse? In general, it stood for more than an hour knee-deep in water, almost blindly shooting with flash, soaked through and cold, so when I came home, took a hundred grams, well, not to get sick and holiday itself.


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