The absurdity of death in human history

To err is human, but people, which will be discussed in this article are paid for their mistakes too expensive:

Carrot juice - very tasty and healthy drink ... if you eat it in moderation. 48-year-old Basil Brown of Britain in 1974 for 10 days drank about 50 liters of carrot juice - 10 000 times more than the recommended value of vitamin A. As a result, this has led to liver failure, and as a result - death. Probably, Brown decided it should be a lot of good.


Did you ever so funny that you just literally burst out laughing or die? Alex Mitchell died of laughter in 1975 at the age of 50 years. Mitchell had heart problems and died of a heart attack while watching your favorite TV series The Goodies.


This year, Devon Staples Maine, celebrating with friends US Independence Day and being under the influence of alcohol, he decided to launch the fireworks right from his head. Staples died on the same day. The brother said that "it was a stupid accident. Devon was not the kind of person who does something stupid. He was one of those who pretends doing any nonsense, to make people laugh. " Unfortunately, his last joke was unfunny ...


A resident of Texas Tommy Woodward ignored not only the signs of danger or warning of their friends. Woodward warned that he should not go swimming in the pond, where there was a huge alligator. However, he did not just jump into the water and began shouting curses to alligator. Animals, most likely, this trick does not seem fun - torn body Woodward found a few hours later.


And here is another example of the death in the name of "masculinity". In 1995, a farmer Christoph Azninsky drinking with his friends. The men then stripped naked and began to play a variety of games to show who is the bravest of them. It all started with throwing frozen turnips, but then someone discovered a chainsaw. A friend grabbed her and shouting that he will show who is the real man, cut off his foot. Then Christoph Azninsky decided to outdo the brave, and selecting from a friend saw, cut off his head. "It was fun - then said one of his friends. - When he was younger, he liked to put on underwear sister ยป.


Isadora Duncan was a world-famous dancer, led a bohemian life and different free look. Fourteenth September 1927 Duncan, while in France, decided to ride with his friend in a convertible. On the dancer he wore a favorite silk scarf, which ultimately caused her tragic death. Scarf wrapped around the neck Duncan leaned on the outside of the car and hit the rear wheel axle. The girl was thrown out of the car to the curb, and she instantly died of asphyxiation and a broken neck.


Julien Offre de La Mettrie was a famous physician and philosopher of the 16th century. I lamettrie successfully treated by the French ambassador to Prussia, and he wanted to thank the doctor, having arranged in his honor a great holiday. Soon he died of indigestion due to overeating at the dinner. Lamettrie distinguished for their ability to eat a lot and wanted to show that it does not harm.


In the early 20th century French tailor Franz Richelle invented the parachute, which could be worn as clothing. In 1912, after many attempts to get permission from the French government to conduct the testing, he finally was able to try out his new invention. Richelle jumped from the Eiffel Tower, dressed in a suit, a parachute and fell to his death.


California resident Jose Luis Ochoa (35) was not only a fan of illegal cockfights, but also their active organizer. In 2011, during a game cock man wounded in the leg with a knife, tied to the leg of a bird. Ochoa was taken to hospital until two hours after the incident, but it was too late - the organizer of cockfights died shortly after arrival.


In 1993, the Toronto lawyer Garry Hoy (38 years old) wanted to prove to a group of students that the glass in his office on the 24th floor "is not beating." He clocked and hit the glass - it does not break, but just fell out of the window frame, and Hoy flew down to his death.



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