Here's hospital food in different countries!

To get to the hospital - not the most pleasant thing that can happen to a person. Typically, a hospital environment and the absence of a familiar atmosphere depressing effect on a person. And then there's the hospital food! Great incentive to quickly recover and be discharged.

Have you once over the look of the food in hospitals around the world? So we started thinking for you and found a collection of photographs, which depicted the hospital dietary meals in different corners of our planet. Some of them look quite well, while others just kind of lump in the throat.

1. Sydney, Australia

2. Poland

3. Germany

4. Malvern, Australia

5. Malaysia

6. Richmond, Canada

7. Estonia

8. Paris, France

9. Massachusetts, USA

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

11. New York, USA

12. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

13. Tokyo, Japan

14. Norway

15. China

16. UK

These hospital meals are very diverse. Some I would and would not mind to eat, while others cause a desire to throw out all the contents of the dishes in a bucket. What can you do, diet food is not always the most delicious. Share the Pictures of the cognitive with your friends!


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