Lock size of 78 square meters - this is the reality!

Another example, which is not necessarily to build a house in a hundred square meters, enough space to organize rationally and carefully.

This little house in North Carolina, United States, like a tiny castle. Outside, it is very cute and totally charming. Little, fabulous, harmoniously blended into the landscape of the forest on a rocky slope gory.e775c10472.jpg

It's hard to believe, but in spite of the relatively small area (78 square meters), this house is fully equipped for a comfortable stay a family of two adults and two detey.17ca9f31c4.jpg

House is located in a small forest, where his hosts can truly enjoy nature, fresh air and uedineniem.cb49749ff8.jpg


On the ground floor is a small, cozy room with a fireplace, open kitchen here with an island and a breakfast stulyami.2477fa99b4.jpg



Up is the original staircase, which reminds us of the core values ​​and fundamental essential moments of our life for the inhabitants of this house.

Holiday, relaxation, tranquility, season, Friendship, Enjoyment, Rejuvenation, Imagination


Upstairs is unexpectedly beautiful and quite roomy bedroom for adults, with a stunning vid.9c10bbe29e.jpg


A small corridor connecting the two rooms and a bathroom.


Bath with a beautiful shower room, decorated in the style of wooden domika.275273abda.jpg



And the children's room, which, no doubt, will delight any child. Interesting design reminiscent of a two-tier bed home of Robin Hood, and certainly inspire kids to dream and interesting adventure in the forest mestnosti.0ef239e9b5.jpg

Outside guests will barbecue and Jacuzzi. Everything you need for a nice and cozy family vacation.



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