KOHAUZING - Danish OPTION ecovillage

In the course of our acquaintance and study of various forms of organization of settlements, explore one of them, including in Denmark, there are so-called "kohauzingi" - the invention of this country, which explosively be replicated in many countries (USA, Australia, European and many others. Al.) . This is not exactly eco-village, but definitely not the city. This is separate from the city built a compact group of one- or two-storey houses, the walls of which adjoin (heat savings and building material). Settlement reminds kare or circle (in different kohauzingah differently). Outside - gardens. They can be community-based or private. Inside the settlement - before each entrance cozy lawn, shrubs (can be fruit-bearing), fruit trees. Boxes for household waste sorting and composting of household waste. Benches, a sea of ​​flowers.

In kohauzinge there:

* The communal dining room where a group of enlisted duty once a month (preparing dinner, cleans and washes the dishes) and it can all
other days to come and eat without the hassle. Who wants to eat at home has the opportunity to identify, but many prefer
communal dining room where neighbors get news of those places where they were not, and share their news with their neighbors about the places where they were not. So
way, they are not threatened loneliness as many citizens. There they discuss among themselves the various issues of cohabitation, instigate social events to which all willingly respond, exchange news of family life. Products bought small wholesale and therefore cost less. They can be stored for some time in the community, and stock the fridge.

* Communal laundry room. Kohauzing can afford to buy the best and most reliable washing machines, which will last a long time and will not be idle. Every family there is no need to buy a car - space-saving and money - but it gets the same service, paying only for the part of the machine. Again savings.

* Exchange item of clothing. If the clothes are in good condition but no longer needed - grew out of it, or has ceased to like tired, then, wash it, you can free to put in a special closet where her free will take another resident kohauzinga. Any resident can take place and clothes without asking. Clothing should be used more efficiently and save money.

* A community library. There are given books that are no longer not be read. Instead, you can borrow books brought by others. Do not waste
money, first you can see whether there are interesting books in the library community.

* Community park cars. Each family does not necessarily have a car. A small number of vehicles used very effectively. Cars are in the garage at the entrance to the village. The entrance to the car impossible: so structured interior space. As a result, children can play in the courtyard, and parents worry that their car does not go astray. Everyone has their own bike, which is considered the main mode of transport in kohauzinge. It is believed that the bicycle as a toothbrush, an individual matter, and the community is unacceptable. Although there are other kohauzingah and community bikes (for guests).

* A community with a huge screen TV and a VCR. He did not exclude the possibility of having your own personal, but many people prefer to watch videos together and share experiences. It is expensive and one of the best - for each anyway is cheaper than if everyone wanted to buy their own, even much cheaper.

* Communal sauna and showers.

* In some kohauzingah have their small shops selling products of its people.

* The internal exchange of services, ie internal money. This is not the banknotes in the literal sense, as a kind of multi-level system nettings. It's called LETS (local exchange trading system). I will not go into details, except to say that this system works successfully in hundreds of locations in Europe, America and other continents. Its essence is to maximize escape from the bondage of outside money, which goes on earning almost all the time of your life.


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